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We are an IT Solutions Company

Your leading ITI / ICT Distributor in the Philippines, helping customers with our products and services

Your Leading ICT / IT Distributor 

Intellyx IT Solutions offers innovative solutions designed to revolutionize the way you do business by increasing operational efficiencies, cutting down costs, and removing barriers using best-of-breed products.

Data Center and mobility solutions

Data Center Design and Build - Implementations

Fiber and structured cabling

Data Center with all products and services including server and storage

Power redundancy and more

Data Analysis and 
Business Intelligence

General Business Operations that use IT to maximize efficiency

All IT products with desktops and laptops, modular station and other products that contributes to the operation of your company

IT / ICT Infrastructure

Data Center Auxillary and support components and systems for Infrastructure

Preventive maintenance services,  surveillance (CCTV), and access control.

System integration &
Unified Communications

Telephone System

Speaker and Conferencing

Audio and Visuals

SMS / GSM Solutions

We can deploy multiple branch to branch connectivity

Maximize your operational
potential with us

With an equipped technical team to support our customers, guide them and provide technical knowledge that will help customers achieve their goals.

Warranty services and FREE demonstration to achieve that we can meet expectations thru our proof f concept.

We provide limited-time to demonstration devices to help customers evaluate their requirements.

Plus our commitment to support our customers with our cost-effective solutions, warranties and after-sales support

Our Brands


Years of Experience


Business Partners


Products Installed


Business Partners


SLA Contracts

Ready to get started?

We work with over 85% all of IT / ICT brands. Our competencies are evident in the comprehensive set of services we offer. We are committed to providing quality and certified support and after-sales assistance in every stage of ICT development to set you and your company up for success.

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