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Connectivity Infrastructure is the backbone of every IT setup. The development of this infrastructure is largely determined through structured cabling – a system consisting of standardized smaller cabling elements and associated hardware that pave way for comprehensive telecommunications in a building.

Servers and Storage are the blocks that make up a Data Center, an infrastructure that houses and manages mission-critical data in an organization. In a data driven world, having a data center that stores, processes, and serves large amount of data is no longer just an optional thing you add to your structure: it is a necessary requirement.

Physical Security is the means by which business protect everything in their physical infrastructure from incidents such as natural
disaster, burglary, theft, hostage, vandalism, fire and other circumstances that could potentially lead to serious damage
among employees, hardware, devices and other property belongings.

Network Security is the process of preventing and monitoring unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of an organization’s network and resources through provisions and policies. With the emergence of cloud computing and the growth of mobile adoption, organizations now have to be more aggressive in securing their networks to ensure that operation sensitive information does not leak.



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